Red Hot Chili from Cashel Vale

Roepnaam/ Call name: Chili. 

Geboortedatum/ Date of birth: 1-6-2012      
HD: A/free   PRA: A  CEA: vrij/free  ECVO: vrij tot/ clear til: 6-2-2015         
JADD: Waarschijnlijk vrij / Probably clear by parentage 



Ch. Alba Nuadh Alroy Na Mayla

Ch. Alliance de la Vie Premier Colin  Ch. Beinnbhreagh's Great Pleasure 
Alliance de la Vie Disney's Dernier 
Ch. Red Fairy Tales Leaf from Heaven  KD's Flower to Power 
Amber under the Red Sky 


Ch. Red's Mackenzie from Cashel Vale 

Ch. Frick a Duck of Great Pleasure  Ch. Nitric Duck is my Drug
Ch. Cayenne of Great Pleasure 
Ch. Red Rio Chowilawa from Cashel Vale  Ch. Cylas of Great Pleasure 
Ch. Care for Hailey from Cashel Vale