All About Eve from Cashel Vale

Roepnaam/Callname: Eve 
Geboortedatum/Date of Birth: 20-6-2006 
Luxemburgs Kampioen/ Luxembourg Champion
HD: A   PRA: B/ carrier  CEA: drager/carrier 

Ch. Beinnbhreagh's Great Pleasure Ch. Littleriver's Argus  Ch. Littleriver's Cassey 
Littleriver's Lady in Red 
Ch. Ruaview Jewl of Beinnbreigh  Ch. Sehi's Little Breton 
Ch. Toll bretonCape Island Dory 
Ch. XTC of Great Pleasure  Ch. Red-Tollers van See  Teufelwalds Ilk
Red-Tollers Holly Quila 
Ch. bona Dea Luwin v.d. Echtinger Grift Ch. Colliers Ontario's Good Luck 
Ch. Ardunacres Winnie of the West